Atari 400/800/XL/XE: Midi Maze

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Publisher Atari Corporation
Entwickler Xanth F/X:
Michael Park
Code RX8124
Genre Multiplayer-Shooter
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick, Tastatur
Spieler 1–16
Wertung 7.4/10


If you want to see a happy face, look in the mirror after you've blown one away. You are in a crazy maze and every other happy face is out to do you in. Keep your finger on that fire button and make your way around those intriguing puzzles. As you negotiate a corner you notice a yellow happy face zip around a distant wall. You race after him. Zap!! There's a blast. It's another guy. He's right there and he's after you, too. Dash down the corridor. You are right behind the yellow character. He turns. It's a shoot-out. Blam! You got him and your scoreboard tally proves it. But look out, there are still other happy faces left, and they don't want to make your day a happy one.

Up to 16 friends can play at the same time if you use the optional MIDI hookup. If it is you against the computer, you can challenge as many as 15 different happy face droids. There are 3 droid skill levels, and you can even play against friends via modem hookup. Form both computer and human team competitions for an endless variety of new and exciting challenges.

Can you kill a happy face? I knew you could.
Midi Maze ist das einzige Online-Multiplayer-Spiel (via Modem oder MIDI-Netzwerk) für die 8-Bit-Computer aus dem Hause Atari. Offensichtlich schon serienreif, die Verpackung war bereits entworfen und das Spiel fertig programmiert.


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