AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet

Veröffentlicht 1994
Publisher Time Warner Interactive
Entwickler James R. Jones III
Burr Chambless
Ofer Estline
Anthony Ignacio
Alex Shatsky
Ron Yarnall
Codes UPC-A: 099171230538
EAN-13: 4005209020268
Genre Strategie
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus
Wertung 6.3/10

In Modern Naval Warfare, One Wrong Command Could Mean Annihilation!

Battle for naval supremacy at the helm of a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class cruiser. Control the most powerful surface-to-air, surface-to-surface and undersea weapon systems in the world! Your mission: protect the fleet.

Enemy aggression in realistic conflict threatens your survival. Recently declassified military data is yours for this challenge. Your bravery and strategic skills are on the line.

The fate of your ship and crew
hinges on your strategic skill and split-second decision making. Choose tactics and weapons carefully in this real-time naval warfare simulation. Survival depends on you.
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel i386DX, 25 MHz
• 4 MB RAM
• 20 MB Festplattenspeicher
• MS-DOS 5.0
• CD-ROM Extensions 2.21
• VGA-Grafikkarte
• CD-ROM-Laufwerk, mind. 150 kB/s
• SoundBlaster oder -kompatible Soundkarte
• Maus

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