PC – MS-DOS: 3-D Table Sports

Veröffentlicht USA 1996
Publisher USA Time Warner Interact.
Entwickler Mike Berro
Steve Agoston
David Edelstein
Ken Jordan
Code 0 4992-53365-2 8
Genre Sport
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus
Spieler 1–16
Wertung k.A.

Three Classic Table Games … Available for the First Time Ever on CD-ROM

Take control of everybody's favorite table soccer game. Kick into advanced mode where keyboard controls allow you to spin, pass, block and score!

The action is fast and furious as you hear the clash of paddle against puck. Whether you cross the line in "super battle mode" or play regulation, it's a battle of reflexes!

Power Hoops!
Test your ball-handling skills to the max as you position, power up and shoot from any spot on the court! Or select multiple ball mode for really wild basketball action!

Tournament and League Play.
Use a modem or network to challenge up to 16 friends. Table Sports keeps track of all standings, and even lets you taunt your opponents!
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel 486DX, 33 MHz
• 8 MB RAM
• MS-DOS 5.0
• CD-ROM-Treiber für MS-DOS
• SVGA-Grafikkarte
• Doublespeed CD-ROM-Laufwerk
• MPC-kompatible Soundkarte
• Maus

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