Flash Traffic: City of Angels

Veröffentlicht 1994
Publisher Time Warner Interactive
Entwickler David Mace
David Eaton
John Rottig
Genre Adventure/Mystery
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus
Spieler 1
Wertung 5.2/10

Revolutionary Zealots. A Nuclear Bomb. A Race Against Time!

A story ripped from today's headlines is brought to vibrant, stunning life – a gripping battle of wills, politics and deadly intrigue played out against the gritty reality of Los Angeles.

Transmission: FLASH TRAFFIC! As FBI Special Agent in Charge, you and your team must respond immediately to our nation's highest-priority alert: national security is at stake. A terrorist plot to detonate a hidden nuclear device and annihilate the City of Angels is under way. You must interrogate surviving terrorists and pinpoint the location of the bomb to avert a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Flash Traffic: City of Angels is a full-length, interactive feature film, by Chuck Pfarrer, creater of Navy SEALs and Hard Target.
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel i386DX
• 4 MB RAM
• MS-DOS 5.0
• CD-ROM Extensions 2.21
• VGA-Grafikkarte
• Doublespeed CD-ROM-Laufwerk
• SoundBlaster oder -kompatible Soundkarte
• Maus

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