Time 2000

Veröffentlichung 1. Juni 1977
Vertrieb Atari
Atari, Inc.
Pinball Division
1173 Borregas Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Pinball-Design Marty Rosenthal
Sound Eugene Jarvis
Software Eugene Jarvis
Grafische Gestaltung George Opperman
Jim Kelly
Art Elektronischer Flipper
1. Generation
Typ Solid State Electronic
Bauform Widebody
Maße H×B×T 174,6 × 76,2 × 130,8 cm
Anzahl der Spieler 1–4
Punkte-Display 7-Segment-Anzeige, 6-stellig
Plunger manuell
Features • 4 Flipperfinger
• 2 Bumper
• 2 Slingshots • 5 Standup Targets
• 8 Star Rollovers
• 2 Drop Targets
• 2 Kick-Out Holes

Atari: Time 2000
Werbetext (englisch)

Free from the monotony of conventional flipper games. Because feature for feature, TIME 2000, Atari's second all-electronic pinball is years ahead of its time!

For the player.
TIME 2000 is designed for spectacular play action… time after time! The fantasy oriented "time" theme with two distinct bonus buildups, an AM and a PM Bonus Clock, double and triple bonus features that give players up tp 72000 possible bonus points, and new double flipper action add up to an irresistible trip to new excitement for the "aficionado", as well as for the sometime player.
And TIME 2000's wider playfield (27″ vs 20½″) means more ball action and more earnings-per-square-foot. In the Same amount of floor space! Because Overall dimensions are the same as standard pinball games.
TIME 2000's new bonus retention feature allows the player to collect bonus points without resetting and continue to build bonus points while the ball is still in play.
New skill shots also include drop targets, ball return lane, new captive thumper bumpers, extra ball feature and the popular ball return gate.
Atari's temper-proof coin door is also featured. Fast action features, distinctive scoring sounds and the revolutionary wider playfield means more cashbox action. TIME 2000 is actually attracting people who normally do not play pinballs, as well as the experts.

For the Operator.
All solid-state reliability is standard. Atari's exclusive Durastress circuit testing and inspection techniques assure you of longer maximum performance and near-zero downtime.

The Built in Self-Test system is push-button fast, for on-the-spot diagnosis an adjustment. You can check lamps, options, switches, solenoids and displays without removing the playfield glass.

TIME 2000 is designed to offer you more opportunity to tailor the game to ideally suit your location.
Options include 8 game cost selections, 8 maximum credit levels, 3 different "specials" with liberal or conservative settings, a "tilt" sound option, match score, 3 or 5 ball or add-a-ball play, and 16 different score levels.

And Unequaled Service Support through the largest network of service-knowledgeable distributors in the business, 24-hour parts turnaround, and our toll free Customer Service number.

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