Veröffentlichung 5. März 1979
Vertrieb Atari
Atari, Inc.
Pinball Division
1173 Borregas Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Pinball-Design Steve Ritchie
Sound Eugene Jarvis
Software Eugene Jarvis
Grafische Gestaltung George Opperman
Art Elektronischer Flipper
2. Generation
Typ Solid State Electronic
Bauform Widebody
Maße H×B×T 183 × 75 × 142 cm
Gewicht 118 kg
Anzahl der Spieler 1–4
Punkte-Display 7-Segment-Anzeige, 6-stellig
Plunger manuell
Features • 2 Flipperfinger
• 4 Bumper
• 2 Slingshots • 5 Standup Targets
• 5 Star Rollovers
• 2 Spinning Targets
• 1 5-Bank Drop Target
• 1 Kick-Out Hole
Produktion 5124 Stück

Atari: Superman
Werbetext (englisch)
Another high flying first!

The Man of Steel is here! The most famous superhero of the century flashes into the world of pinball! It's Superman, the pinball games! A powerful new champion. Challenging players with more opportunities for high scoring features… Unequaled attention-getting power, steady play, and hotter profits!

All new solid state electronics system means extra reliability lower operating costs!
Field-tested state-of-the-art components, LED display technology, and an improved interconnection system insure continuous, reliable operation. Accessible test points, modular circuit boards, interchangeable score displays, and a separate power driver board give easy, fast serviceability. Features include overcurrent protection for solenoid drivers, and battery powered memory when power is off. The advanced Self-Test Systems isolates RAM and ROM failures, provides a debugging aid for displays, switches and lamps and allows programming of replay levels. The new system also offers a complete accounting system. Statistics displayed include: credits, total coins, total plays, replays, game times, Specials, Extra Balls and much more.

All new cabinet design sets up faster, makes service a snap.
New hinged backbox means no electrical connection to make. All electronics (PCBs) are located in the backbox! Backglass hinges for ease of service, to reduce glass handling, and swings clear of propped up playfield for simultaneous access to both areas.

Superman basiert auf der bekannten gleichnamigen Comicfigur von DC Comics, die in den 1930er-Jahren erstmals auftrat.

DC Comics entzog Atari später die Lizenz zur Nutzung der Marke Superman wieder, da Atari auf Grund der hohen Nachfrage mit der Produktion nicht hinterherkam. Atari wollte den Flipper zwar dann unter einem anderen Namen vermarkten, allerdings wurde stattdessen schließlich die ohnehin nur mäßig erfolgreiche und kaum wettbewerbsfähige Pinball Division im Mai 1979 geschlossen.

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