Apple II: Stargate

Veröffentlicht März 1984
Publisher Atarisoft (Atari, Inc.)
Code DX5513
Genre Shoot'em up!
Medium Diskette 5¼″
Controller Tastatur, Analogjoystick
Spieler 1
Wertung k.A.
Systenanforderungen • Apple II, II+ oder IIe
• 48 kB RAM
• Diskettenlaufwerk
• Apple DOS 3.3

Stargate: The Challenge That Goes Beyond Defender

The entire universe is your enemy as you struggle to rescue humanoids stranded on the planet surface. To take them into a Warp you must reach the Stargate. But getting there isn't easy. Yllabian space guppies, Dynamos, Space hums, Phreds, Big reds, Munchies, Landers, Baiters, Pods and Swarmers block the way spewing death and destruction. Will your cloaking Device work? And can it protect you from the threat within… Mutant humanoids…?

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