Atari 7800
Winter Games

Ankündigung 1.6.1986
(Summer CES, Chicago)
Vorstellung 4.6.1988
(Summer CES, Chicago)
Veröffentlichung August 1988
Vertrieb Atari
Atari Corporation
1196 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Entwicklung Computer Magic
Computer Magic, Ltd.
18 E Mall
Plainview, NY 11803
Produktcode CX7831
Genre Sport – Wintersport
Medium Steckmodul
Steuerung Joystick/Joypad
Spieler 1–8
Wertung ★★★★

Go for the Gold!

You're in the Winter Olympics, competing against other world-class athletes for international recognition and top Gold Medal honors. It's an incredible setting, featuring action-packed events in a winter wonderland. Compete against friends or the computer. Choose the country you want to represent. Practice. Train. Learn a winning strategy for each event. After the Opening Ceremony the competition begins. Will you be the one who takes the gold at the Awards Ceremony? It's all here – the strategy, the challenge, the competition, the pageantry of the Winter Games!

Winter Games erschien bereits 1985 bei Epyx für den Commodore 64 und wurde später auf Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Apple IIgs, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, MS-DOS, Atari 2600, NES und das Famicom Disk System portiert.

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