Atari 7800: Winter Games

Veröffentlicht August 1988
Publisher Atari Corporation
Code CX7831
Genre Sport – Wintersport
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick/Joypad
Spieler 1–8
Wertung 7.7/10

Go for the Gold!

You're in the Winter Olympics, competing against other world-class athletes for international recognition and top Gold Medal honors. It's an incredible setting, featuring action-packed events in a winter wonderland. Compete against friends or the computer. Choose the country you want to represent. Practice. Train. Learn a winning strategy for each event. After the Opening Ceremony the competition begins. Will you be the one who takes the gold at the Awards Ceremony? It's all here – the strategy, the challenge, the competition, the pageantry of the Winter Games!


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