Atari 7800
Tower Toppler

Vorstellung 4.6.1988
(Summer CES, Chicago)
Veröffentlichung Januar 1989
Vertrieb Atari Logo
Atari Corporation
1196 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Produktcode CX7856
Genre Adventure
Medium Steckmodul
Steuerung Joystick/Joypad
Spieler 1–2
Wertung ★★★★★

Prepare a new world for civilization!

A serious problem is blocking attempts to colonize the otherwise life-compatible planet Nebulus: Its water is poisonous! The only way to return the water to its harmless, natural form is to destroy the eight enormous towers that maintain a mysterious, lethal hold over all forms of this valuable resource.

Spurred to action by the needs of your dangerously overpopulated home planet, you must attempt to conquer these alien-forsaken relics once an for all. But it won't be easy! You'll have to climb each tower all the way to the top in order to detonate its vulnerable spot. And, succeeding towers are more difficult to topple!

You'll need all your wits about you to avoid huge, crushing boulders, giant eyes, and indestructible mutant molecules! And watch out for those slippery stairs and disintegrating ledges. One false step and you'll plummet to the depths below!

Good luck – the hopes of your planet go with you!

Der Arbeitstitel des Spiels war Nebulus, unter diesem Namen wurde das Spiel auf der Summer CES 1988 auch vorgestellt. Auf dem Nintendo Entertainment System und dem Game Boy erschien der Titel als Castellan, auf einigen anderen Plattformen als Nebulus.

Weitere Versionen
Tower Toppler (Atari XL/XE)


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