Kee Games
Ultra Tank

Veröffentlichung Februar 1978
Vertrieb Kee Games
Kee Games
1265 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Entwicklung Atari
Atari, Inc.
1265 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Spieldesign Mike Albaugh
Programmierung Mike Albaugh
Joe Coddington
Dave Stubben
Genre Maze
Steuerung 2 2-Wege-Joysticks, davon 1 mit Feuerknopf
Spieler 1–2 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor OS 6502, 756 kHz
Audio-Subsystem Logikschaltung, 756 kHz
Tonausgabe Mono
Video Rasterbildschirm, 19″
Bildausrichtung horizontal
Darstellung 4 Graustufen
Auflösung 256×224
Bildwiederholfrequenz 60 Hz
einstellbare Spielzeiten 60 Sekunden
90 Sekunden
120 Sekunden
150 Sekunden
einstellbare Münzmodi 1 M¨ze pro Spieler
1 Münze pro 2 Spieler
2 Münzen pro Spieler
weitere Optionen Extended Play
Bauform Standgerät
Abmessungen H×B×T 150 × 70 cm × 84 cm

Kee Games: Ultra Tank
Werbetext (englisch)
Ultra Tank brings more new play strategy options and a new one-playr version to the all-time favorite Tank game.

New Options Make Ultra Tank Eight Games in One!
Players choose the game they play. Three player-select switches offer almost unlimited variations – AND the options can be changed during the game.
1. "Visible" or "Invisible" tanks
The new strategy of camouflage can be added by selecting "Invisible Tanks", where the tanks are seen only when the shells are fired. Or players can choose to play with the tanks always visible.
2. "Open Battlefield" or "Barriers & Mines"
Players can select an open battlefield where fast maneuvering of the tanks to avoid being hit is a major part of the action. Or the challenge of barriers and mines can be seleted to add obstacles and the element of danger to the game play.
3. "Rebounding" or "Guided" shells
Players can choose to fire shells that will ricochet against barriers and walls, or shells that can be guided with the player controls to chase the opponent.

Unlimited Replay.
Different combinations of these options give you eight unique games for more player competition. Players can choose any of the options to play with exactly the action features they prefer – makes each Ultra Tank game a new game every time it's played.

One or Two Players – "Robot" Tank Feature!
New Ultra Tank offers an all new one-player game against the computer for extra profit opportunities, as well as the exciting two-player version.

More Realism, More Challenge!
Ultra Tank fetures larger tanks and greater tank maneuverability. There are fully independent left and right track controls for easy turning, forward and backward movement. Shells are fired using a simple fire button on the control handle.

Ultra Tank ist das letzte Arcadespiel, welches unter der Marke Kee Games erschienen ist.

Weitere Titel der Tank-Reihe
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