Atari Games

Veröffentlichung 06/1988
Vertrieb Atari Games
Atari Games Corp.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Entwicklung Atari Games
Atari Games Corp.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035

Midway Games
Midway Games, Inc.
3401 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
Programmierung Dennis Harper
Gary Stark
Russell Dawe
Spieldesign Milt Loper
Animation Will Noble
Mark West
Deborah Short
Musik Brad Fuller
Hal Canon
Ingenieure Gary Stempler
Doug Snyder
Genre Rennspiel
Steuerung 5 Tasten
Spieler 1–2 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor Motorola 68010, 8 MHz
MOS 6502, 1,7895 MHz
Audio-Subsystem Yamaha YM2151, 3,579 MHz
Atari Pokey, 1,7895 MHz
Tonausgabe Stereo
Bildschirm Wells-Gardner 19K7635
Bildschirmtyp Rasterbildschirm, 19″
Bildausrichtung horizontal
Bauform Standgerät
Abmessungen H×B×T 183 × 64 × 88 cm
Gewicht 123 kg
Produktion 1500 Geräte
Neupreis USA $2395 (2023: $6009)
Wertung ★★★★

Atari Games Toobin'
Werbetext (englisch)
Bif and Jet… they're too cool!

These dudes are always in the mood to party! They don't let anything bum them out! They toss cans at anything that bends 'em out of shape or gets 'em torqued. Armed with tin cans they puck up in the rivers, the dudes waste any creeps that get in the way of having a good time. Stuff like sticks, branches and stupid logs that can pop a tube. And those creekside geeks like street punks, free-casting fishermen, swamp monsters and kamikaze penguins are really the pits. These toobers score awesome gratuities for swishing gates. Doin' it increases the score multiplier, and awards mega points. Really hot tubers can breeze by the competition this way. Pro tubers can use the special "warp" feature to advance up to Class 3 water for the ultimate challenge. Every well-dressed toober and toobette will want to be seen wearing their way bad Toobin' shirt, only available by winning the built-in contest! So all you toobers, paddle to the nearest phone and call your Atari distributor today!

Das Spiel wurde von Domark auf Commodore 64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Atari ST, Amiga, MSX, MS-DOS und ZX Spectrum veröffentlicht. 2000 erschien bei Midway Home Entertainment noch eine Version für den Game Boy Color.

Toobin' ist auch Teil einiger Spielesammlungen, darunter Arcade Party Pak (PlayStation, 1999), Midway Arcade Treasures (PlayStation 2 / Xbox / GameCube / Windows XP, 2003), Midway Arcade Origins (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3, 2012) und Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play (PlayStation Portable, 2005)

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