Atari ST

Vorstellung 20.11.1985
(Fall COMDEX, Las Vegas)
Veröffentlichung USA Juli 1986
Großbritannien 1988
Vertrieb USA Atari
Atari Corp.
1196 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Vertrieb Großbritannien Atari
Atari Corp. (UK) Ltd.
Railway Terrace
Slough SL2, England
Produktcode DS5026
Genre Arcade
Steuerung Joystick
Medium Diskette 3,5″
Spieler 1–2
Wertung ★★★★
Systemanforderungen · 512 kB RAM
· Farbbildschirm

Medieval Conflict with Authentic Arcade Graphics, Sound and Excitement.

You're a stranger in an alien world, assaulted by evil Buzzard Riders – fearsome pterodactyls spoiling to attack. And you're the lone knight on birdback!

Mount your ostrich, hoist your lance, and prepare for battle against the Buzzard Riders. This is a joust to the finish!

This new version of Joust offers all the thrills of the popular arcade game in an enhanced version, specially designed for the speed and color graphics of the ST Computer.

Jousting never looked so good.

Joust (Williams, 1982)

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