Windows 95/98/Me/2000: Breakout

Veröffentlicht Oktober 2000
Publisher Atari Interactive, Inc.
Entwickler Supersonic Software Ltd.:
James Allison
Andrew Fussey
Craig Justice
Alastair Latcham
Nicholas Watt
Andrew Williamson
Peter Williamson
Trisha Wheatley

EFX Ltd. (Sound):
Gerard Gourley
UPC-Code 076930998557
Genre Arcade
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Joystick
Spieler 1–4
Ø-Wertung (MobyGames) 6,3/10
ESRB-Altersfreigabe E (alle Altersklassen)

Betriebssystem: Windows 95/98/Me/2000
Prozessor: Pentium, mind. 233 MHz
Arbeitsspeicher: 32 MB
CD-Laufwerk: mind. 4-fache Geschwindigkeit
Festplattenspeicher: mind. 64 MB
DirectX 7.0-kompatible Soundkarte
DirectX 7.0-kompatible Grafikkarte, mind. 2 MB
Für Multiplayer: Modem, mind. 28.8 k
A Story of Bat meets Ball…!

Breakout. The Demolition Classic comes crashing back.

Your mission: Destroy the evil Crusher!
Breakout will wow you with constant surprises – from being chased by a giant, ferocious wolf, to battling an ancient mummy in the dark depths of a mysterious Egyptian tomb! With over thirty challenging Breakout locations – including a dank, dark prison cell, a menacing Dragon owned castle, a deranged animal infested farm and the darkest reaches of outer space – the demolition fun just goes on and on. Featuring countless challenge modes, secrets, bonuses, and multiplayer mayhem, just pick up and play for fast and furious arcade action!

• Get stuck into destruction, demolition and "mash it up" madness
• Find and use brand new powerful Bat and Ball friends
• Delve into the amazing storyline that features brand new Breakout characters
• Jump into crazy four-player multiplayer action
• Play again and again to get the top levels and the richest rewards

Breakout. A frantic action-packed mix of destruction, demolition and mayhem.
Breakout war das letzte Spiel, welches von Hasbro unter dem Atari-Label veröffentlicht wurde. Nach der Übernahme der Atari Interactive durch Infogrames Anfang 2001 wurde es unter deren Marke vertrieben.

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