Dick Vitale's „Awesome, Baby!“ College H.

Veröffentlicht August 1994
Verleger TWI Games
Entwicklerfirma Park Place Productions
UPC 031763083504
Genre Sport – Basketball
Medium 16 MB-Steckmodul
Spieler 1–2
Wertung n.A.

The ONLY Genesis™ basketball game with a 3-D rotating court and Dick Vitale!

• Use actual offensive and defensive plays designed by the former college and pro coach Dick Vitale.
• Real college basketball action with 32 teams, 4 conferences and actuall collegiale basketball rules – on a 3-D scaling and rotating court.
• Choose from Tournament, 2-on-2 Slamfest and Single game modes
• 6 game speeds and 3 difficulty settings let you set the pace and style of each game
• Real on-court sounds and gameplay commentary from college basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale
• 5-man teams with real player attributes and moves: ball stealing, behind-the-back passes, lay-ups, book shots, power slam dunks, reverse slams and monster three-pointers.

Play it and you'll be screaming, "Awesome, Baby with a capital A!"

"Awesome, Baby"! College Hoops is one of the best b-ball games around." – Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine


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