Atari Jaguar: Tempest 2000 

Veröffentlicht Mai 1994
Entwickler Jeff Minter
Entwicklerfirma Llamasoft
Modellnummer J9010
Genre Arcade
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Jaguar Controller
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 9,5/10
Bemerkungen Zu Tempest 2000 gibt es auch eine Audio-CD mit den Soundtracks aus dem Spiel, diese wurde im September 1995 dem Jaguar CD-Laufwerk beigelegt. Details siehe weiter unten.

Feed your head to the web

Turn out the lights, turn up the volume and prepare for a mind-blowing assault on the senses. Once your neurotransmitters get a taste of the hypnotic rhythms of 100% pure techno-rave, you'll be hooked… Unable to escape the rush of blasting Flippers and Demon Heads as enhanced 3D polygons, screaming particle displays and hyperdelic Melt-O-Vision™ graphics warp you into the ultraviolent 64th Dimension…

• Traditional Tempest – ligh up the webs in the arcade classic
• Tempest Plus – team up with a friend, or an A.I. Droid, in a totally upgraded version of the original
• Tempest 2000 – venture through 100 uncharted galactic webs filled with hostile targets, super Power Ups and Bonus Warps
• Tempest Duel – go Blaster-to-Blaster against the most formidable alien of them all – your buddy



Tempest 2000 – The Soundtrack
In 1994, Atari Corporation, Llamasoft and Imagitec, Inc. joined forces to create the high energy Tempest 2000, a complete audio-visual overhaul on the smash arcade classic.

Hallucinatory, hypnotic and sometimes harrowing, Tempest 2000 has blown minds (and not a few television speakers) across America and around the video-gaming world. New remastered for audio CD, Tempest 2000's techno-rave, cyber-delic musical maelstrom leaps off your JAGUAR and onto your home CD player in screaming digital stereo, each sequencer tick clean as polished chrome, each throb of synthesizer a distinct, pleasant shock in the system. Feel you mind, your nerves and your pulse gearing up high as you wind your way into the pulsing galactic webs, through jungles of ambient sound, corridors of rhythm, and storms of light and music, voices and effects, symmetry and chaos. Enjoy the Tempest!

  • 1. Thermal Resolution (3:59)
  • 2. Mind's Eye (4:52)
  • 3. T2K (5:23)
  • 4. Ease Yourself (7:52)
  • 5. Tracking Depth (5:04)
  • 6. Constructive Demolition (4:05)
  • 7. Future Tense (5:54)
  • 8. Digital Terror (5:07)
  • 9. Hyper Prism (4:26)
  • 10. Glide Control (5:12)
  • 11. Ultra Yak (4:00)
  • 12. 2000 Dub (7:31)
Atari: Tempest 2000 - The Soundtrack

Atari: Tempest 2000 - The Soundtrack
Ausführender Produzent: John Skruch. Produziert von Imagitec Design Inc. (IDI). Musiker: Ian Howe, Alastair Lindsay, Kevin Saville, Julian Hodgson. Leitender Produzent: James Grunke. Erstellt auf einem Atari Jaguar System.

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