Atari 7800: Dark Chambers

Veröffentlicht April 1989
Publisher Atari Corporation
Code CX7837
Genre Adventure
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick/Joypad
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 5.7/10

Master the subterranean kingdom!

You are the only one brave enough to enter the castle's dark chambers. Once inside the foreboding castle, a dark staircase leads you down to the murky depths of the labyrinths below.

Go alone, or find safety in numbers with your faithful companion. Throw daggers at a threatening band of humanoids, living skeletons, ghosts, evil wizards, and grim reapers. Stand back-to-back with your partner to fight them off. Then descend further beneath the earth's surface.

Collect magic potions and treasure chests as you encounter them in the tangle of rooms and corridors. Use keys found on the path to open doors. Take food and drink along the way to keep up your strength.

Danger lurks everywhere in the underground maze. You must conquer the evil guardians to make yourself master of this subterranean domain!
Das Spiel hieß ursprünglich Dandy und erschien 1983 im Atari Program Exchange-Vertrieb für Ataris 8-Bit-Computer. Später wurde es in Dandy Dungeon umbenannt. Das Spiel gilt als Inspiration für das Arcadespiel Gauntlet. Dark Chambers ist eine abgeschwächte Version von Dandy.

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