Atari 7800: Robotron: 2084 

Veröffentlicht Oktober 1986
Entwickler David Brown
Entwicklerfirma Atari
Modellnummer CX7809
Genre Shoot'em up!
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Joystick CX-24
Joypad CX-78
Spieler 1–2
Wertung 7.7/10
Bemerkungen Bereits 1984 entwickelt, aber erst 1986 von Atari auf den Markt gebracht.

Zero in & zap 'em!

The Robotrons. They're a new breed of robots so advanced they no longer have any use for humans. Except as targets for laser blaster practice. It's the year 2084. And if you can't save the human race from this deadly upheaval, there may be not a year 2085!


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