Atari 5200: Choplifter! 

Veröffentlicht 1984
Entwickler Dan Gorlin
Entwicklerfirma Atari
Modellnummer CX5253
Genre Action
Medium Steckmodul
Controller 5200 Joystick
Spieler 1
Wertung 7.8/10

Sixty-four United Nations delefates have ben kidnapped! They're being held hostage by the Bungeling Empire and you're the only one who can save them. Through the cold starry night, you smuggle a helicopter into the area and land at a small post office. It's your mission to enter enemy territory, retrieve the frightened hostages from their prison barracks, and carry them to safety. But the Bungelings have summoned their military forces to thwart any rescue attempts. You must exercise caution, speed, and skill in saving the hostages! These days it's not easy being a hero!


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