Atari ST

Veröffentlichung Vereinigtes Königreich 05/1988
Vertrieb Atari
Atari Corp. (UK) Ltd.
Railway Terrace
Slough SL2 5BZ
Vereinigtes Königreich England, Ver. Königreich
Entwicklung Astral Software, Ltd.
Produktcode DS5111
Genre Puzzle
Steuerung Joystick
Medium Diskette 3,5″
Spieler 1
Wertung ★★★★★
Systemanforderungen • 512 kB Arbeitsspeicher
• Diskettenlaufwerk
• Farbbildschirm

There are no random events in XOR's labyrinthine palace and there is no premium on hand-eye coordination. You have all the time in the World to work out the precise nature of the hazards you encounter.

Logical thinking, strategy and tactical problem solving are all part of the XOR experience.

On your travels you'll encounter falling fish, spring-loaded chickens, sliding dolls, fizzer bombs, pressure bombs, two different types of force field, doors, maps and masks which are not always what they seem.

You control two Heroes and needless to say you'll need to use both of them to trick your way out of some situations.

Each of the mazes is graded with the first few being pretty straightforward and the last few suicidal.

★ 15 grades mindbending mazes
★ Each maze approximately 16 screens in size
★ Super Smooth high speed scrolling
★ Full colour graphics
★ High speed relay
★ Intriguing logical problems
★ Interactive dynamics puzzles

Whitewater Madness Asteroids DeLuxe

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