Atari ST: Star Raiders

Veröffentlicht USA August 1986
Großbritannien 1988
Publisher USA Atari Corporation
Großbritannien Atari Corp. (UK) Ltd.
Entwickler Robert Zdybel
Jerome Domurat
Code DS5019
Genre Shoot'em Up!
Controller Tastatur, Joystick
Medium Diskette 3,5″
Spieler 1
Wertung 7.4/10

The Great Galactic Adventure

Zycroids, savage mindless robots, are forcing their way into our galaxy. Convincing data shows that Zycroids once were swirling masses of space garbage that mutated into a mechanical army programmed to destroy all life.

Star Raiders are the only force strong enough to hold off the Zycroids. But the aliens are crack shots, and they're costing us. We've got to find more pilots, or the galaxy is doomed!

We think you've got the right stuff. We want you to command our most advanced spacecraft – the Starcruiser. Your mission: Find and destroy the Zycroid fighters in the Katsaurii Quadrant.

You'll use the Starcruiser's specialized instruments and weaponry to track and eliminate the aliens. But you've got to keep the Federation StarBases from being destroyed in order to stay alive yourself.

Your victories will take you from Novice level to Pilot, Warrior, and even Star Commander status. If you fail, all peace-loving humanoids will suffer a horrible fate.

The challenge is enormous. Only a few Star Raiders will succeed. But who knows – one of them could be you!
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• 512 kB RAM
• Farbbildschirm

Star Raiders
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