Microsoft Windows 95

Veröffentlichung Oktober 2000
Vertrieb Atari Interactive
Atari Interactive, Inc.
50 Dunham Rd
Beverly, MA 01915-1844
Entwicklung Supersonic Software
Supersonic Software Ltd.
23 Adelaide Rd
Leamington Spa CV31 3PD
Vereinigtes Königreich England, Ver. Königreich
Team James Allison
Andrew Fussey
Craig Justice
Alastair Latcham
Nicholas Watt
Andrew Williamson
Peter Williamson
Trisha Wheatley
Sound Gerard Gourley (EFX Ltd.)
UPC-Code 076930998557
Genre Ball & Paddle
Medium PC CD-ROM
Steuerung Tastatur, Maus, Joystick
Spieler 1–4
Wertung ★★★★
Systemanforderungen • Windows 95
• DirectX 7.0
• Intel Pentium MMX, 233 MHz
• 32 MB Arbeitsspeicher
• CD-ROM-Laufwerk (4×)
• 64 MB Festplattenspeicher
• DirectX 7.0-kompat. Soundkarte
• DirectX 7.0-kompat. Grafikkarte
• 2 MB Grafik-Arbeitsspeicher
• 28.8k-Modem (für Onlinespiel)

A Story of Bat meets Ball…!

Breakout. The Demolition Classic comes crashing back.

Your mission: Destroy the evil Crusher!
Breakout will wow you with constant surprises – from being chased by a giant, ferocious wolf, to battling an ancient mummy in the dark depths of a mysterious Egyptian tomb! With over thirty challenging Breakout locations – including a dank, dark prison cell, a menacing Dragon owned castle, a deranged animal infested farm and the darkest reaches of outer space – the demolition fun just goes on and on. Featuring countless challenge modes, secrets, bonuses, and multiplayer mayhem, just pick up and play for fast and furious arcade action!

• Get stuck into destruction, demolition and "mash it up" madness
• Find and use brand new powerful Bat and Ball friends
• Delve into the amazing storyline that features brand new Breakout characters
• Jump into crazy four-player multiplayer action
• Play again and again to get the top levels and the richest rewards

Breakout. A frantic action-packed mix of destruction, demolition and mayhem.

Breakout war das letzte Spiel, welches von Hasbro unter dem Atari-Label veröffentlicht wurde. Nach der Übernahme von Atari Interactive durch Infogrames Anfang 2001 wurde es unter deren Marke vertrieben.

Breakout (Atari, 1976)

Weitere Versionen
Breakaway IV (Tele-Games Video Arcade)
Breakout (Atari 2600)
Breakout (Sony PlayStation)
Fernsehflipper (Unimex VCS-800)

Atari Arcade Hits, Volume 2 Centipede

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