Atari Games
Space Lords

Veröffentlichung November 1992
Vertrieb Atari Games
Atari Games Corp.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Entwicklung Atari Games
Atari Games Corp.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Spieldesign Ed Logg
Programmierung Ed Logg
Bob Flanagan
Grafik Sam Comstock
Musik Don Diekneite
Brad Fuller
Genre Space Combat
Steuerung Joystick + 4 Tasten
Spieler 1–2 pro Bildschirm (gleichzeitig), 2 Geräte koppelbar (= max. 8 Spieler)
Hardware-Plattform Atari GX2
Prozessoren Motorola 68EC020, 14,31818 MHz
MOS 6502, 1,7895 MHz
Audio-Subsystem Yamaha YM2151, 3,579 MHz
2× OKI 6295, 9,037 kHz
Tonausgabe Stereo
Bildschirmtyp Rasterbildschirm, 25″ (2×)
Bildausrichtung horizontal
Auflösung 336×240
Bildwiederholrate 60 Hz
Farben 2048
Bauform Standgerät
Arcadesystem JAMMA+
Abmessungen H×B×T 214 × 150 × 122 cm
Gewicht 272 kg
Produktion 1019 Geräte

Atari Games: Space Lords
Werbetext (englisch)
RED ALERT! Man your battlestations!

Amongst seemingly endless clusters of asteroids and gaseous nebulae lie the battlefields of the distant future. With limited energy, you must seek out and slay those who would destroy you. Only by feasting on the remains of obliterated ships can you refuel to fight another day. SPACE LORDS is a two-screen, one-to-four-player competitive game of intense and exciting space combat. Play each screen with a single pilot, or add a valuable co-pilot to enhance your ship with bonus powers and increased abilities. A special "Ship Modification" option lets you customize your ships with 6 different variables. A low-cost link kit allows two cabinets to be linked for 8-player warfare! Look into the unknowk world of space warfare – with SPACE LORDS!

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