Atari Games Arcadespiele:
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

Veröffentlicht Dezember 1996
Publisher Atari Games Corp.
Entwickler Atari Games Corp.
Team John Ray
Alan Gray
James Petrick
John Geraci
Cameron Petty
Tom Capizzi
Spencer Lindsay
Robert Adams
Gunnar Madsen
Pete Mokris
Genre Rennspiel
Steuerung Lenkrad, Schalthebel, Pedale
Spieler 1 pro Einheit
Bis zu 8 Spieler können vernetzt werden
Audio 5-Kanal-Sound
Video Rasterbildschirm, horizontal
Bauformen Single Cockpit
Double Cockpit
Arcadesystem Atari Flagstaff
Abmessungen H×B×T Single Cockpit: 170 × 76 × 165 cm
Gewicht 193 kg

Double Cockpit: 225 × 164 × 166 cm
Gewicht 560 kg
Produktion 4500 Geräte
Wertung KLOV/IAM 3.45/5

Atari Games: San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Engineered like a fine sports car, San Francisco RUSH has what it takes to become a Classic!!

SF RUSH has universal appeal, combining an unparalleled level of realism, racing excitement and game depth that provide an experience unlike that found in any other driving game!!! Experience the excitement and challenge of racing up and down the scenic, air-catching hills of San Francisco.

So Real You Can Feeeeel it!
Feel the RUSH
of racing around the world-renowned landmarks and up and down the steep hills of San Francisco. Dash across the Golden Gate Bridge, drive through a thick cloud of fog, race through downtown's financial district, speed to the top of Twin Peaks, fly over Russian and Nob Hills.

Feel the Race through the force-feedback steering wheel and realistic "surround sound" audio effects. Spectacular explosions, collisions, and crashes are punctuated by an 8-inch woofer placed in your seat. A clutch pedal accompanies the four-speed shifter to provide another dimension of racing challenge for the real thrill seekers. Mindblowing photo-realistic 3D graphics are powered by Voodoo Graphics technology.

Crafted for Longevity
Depth like no other driving game, SF RUSH offers everything from an exhilarating high-speed dash to the finish, to an extremely challenging "real-life" simulation of a sanctioned race.

Something for every player, novice to expert
Each of the eight race cars has unique handling characretistics. Everything from a simplified and forgiving driving game speedster to a full-blown simulated race car. After players master the courses with the friendlier cars they woll try on the more advanced cars for a greater challenge.

Spectacular and novel hidden shortcuts buried in each track
Imagine jumping across rooftops, driving through sewers and falling from suspended freeways! These shortcuts offer a challenging way for players to jockey for position. If negotiated well, players can make up time on their opponent. If not…
Mastering the variety of race cars and shortcuts will mean serious earnings over the long haul!!

Konsolen- und Computerumsetzungen
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing (Nintendo64, Midway Home Entertainment)
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing (Sony PlayStation, Midway Home Entertainment)

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