PC – Windows 3.x: Hell Cab

Veröffentlicht USA 1993
Publisher USA Time Warner Interact.
Entwickler Jules Urbach
Mark Castle
Pepe Moreno
Hazlitt Krog
Genre Adventure
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus
Spieler 1
Wertung 4.9/10

The Cab Ride From Hell…

Everyone has a cab horror story, right? But you're going to have the worst one yet. See, this isn't just another New York cabby. This guy's trying to earn his horns. (Yeah horns, as in The Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan…)

All he has to do to get them, is take you to the hottest hellholes in history and get you to sell your soul. But maybe you are special. Maybe you can get out alive – your soul intact. Hah! Maybe…
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel i386
• 4 MB RAM
• Windows 3.1
• CD-ROM-Laufwerk, mind. 150 kB/s
• 256 Farben

Logo Time Warner Interactive
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Weitere Versionen
Hell Cab (Apple Macintosh, F2 Company)
Hell Cab (Apple Macintosh, Time Warner Interactive)
Hell Cab (PC: Windows 3.x, F2 Company/NEC Home Electronics)
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