Nintendo Entertainment System
R.B.I. Baseball 3

Veröffentlichung 07/1991
Vertrieb und Entwicklung Tengen
Tengen, Inc.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Programmierung Lisa Ching
Mark Phoenix
Michael Alexander
Bill Hindorff
Grafik Greg Williams
Teamdaten Michael Klug
Sound Don Diekneite
Brad Fuller
John Paul
Kent Carmical
UPC-Code 031763025122
Genre Sport – Baseball
Medium Steckmodul
Steuerung D-Pad
Spieler 1–2
Wertung ★★★★

The Best Gets Even Better!

In the beginning, there was RBI BASEBALL, the first baseball game for play on the NES to use real players and their stats.
Then came RBI BASEBALL 2, giving hundreds of thousands of new fans the experience of playing pro ball at an even more realistic level.
Now, you're holding the best ever: RBI BASEBALL 3! You get the latest 1990 stats of real players for all 26 teams, each with as roster of 24. What's more, you also get all the Division Champions from 1983 through 1989!
The awesome animation, graphics, music and sound effects plus the real stats and rules will have you believing you're actually playing in the big time. There's even Instant Replay, so you can relive the exciting plays during a game.
Naturally, the best comes approved by the Major League Baseball Players Association!

Wie die meisten anderen Tengen-Spiele für das NES ist dieses Spiel auch mit dem kopierten Lockout-Chip versehen und wurde nicht von Nintendo lizenziert.

Weitere Versionen
R.B.I. Baseball (Sega Mega Drive)

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R.B.I. Baseball
R.B.I. Baseball 2

R.B.I. Baseball 2 Road Runner

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