Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis:
Grind Stormer / V-V

Veröffentlicht Japan 25. März 1994
USA April 1994
Publisher Japan Tengen Ltd.
USA Tengen, Inc.
Entwickler Toaplan Co., Ltd.
Jun Amanai (Progr.)
Takayuki Muraoka (Progr.)
Osamu Yamamoto (Progr.)
Kenichi Nemoto (Grafik)
Kenji Yokoyama (Audio)
Codes UPC-A: 031763056508
EAN-13: 4991425000194
Genre Shoot'em Up!
Medium Steckmodul
Controller Sega Control Pad
Spieler 1
Wertung 6.6/10

This Awesome Arcade Shoot-'Em-Ip Will Blow You Away!

GRIND STORMER took the arcades by storm. Now, it's going to blow you away on your Genesis! Fly a powerful spaceship against endless waves of alien tanks and ships. Blast everything in sight as you battle through action-packed levels of ever more deadly enemies. This arcade smash hit features multi-layer scrolling backgrounds, spectacular graphics, animation and sounds. In other words, it's a mind-blowing adrenaline rush of totally addicting fun!
In Japan erschien das Spiel unter dem Titel V-V (V Five).

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