Sega Mega Drive
Grind Stormer / V-V

Veröffentlichung Japan 25.03.1994
USA 04/1994
Vertrieb USA Tengen
Tengen, Inc.
675 Sycamore Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
Vertrieb Japan Tengen
Tengen Ltd.
4-20-6 Taito
Tōkyō, 〒110
Entwicklung Toaplan
Toaplan Co. Ltd.
Toa Bldg
1-8-4 Shimizu, Suginami-ku
Tōkyō, 〒167
Japan Japan
Programmierung Jun Amanai
Takayuki Muraoka
Osamu Yamamoto
Grafik Kenichi Nemoto
Audio Kenji Yokoyama
UPC-A Code 031763056508
EAN-Code 4991425000194
Genre Shoot'em Up!
Medium Steckmodul
Steuerung Sega Control Pad
Spieler 1
Wertung ★★★★

This Awesome Arcade Shoot-'Em-Ip Will Blow You Away!

GRIND STORMER took the arcades by storm. Now, it's going to blow you away on your Genesis! Fly a powerful spaceship against endless waves of alien tanks and ships. Blast everything in sight as you battle through action-packed levels of ever more deadly enemies. This arcade smash hit features multi-layer scrolling backgrounds, spectacular graphics, animation and sounds. In other words, it's a mind-blowing adrenaline rush of totally addicting fun!

In Japan erschien das Spiel unter dem Titel V-V (V Five).

V-V (Toaplan, 1993)

Verpackung V-V

Verpackung Grind Stormer
Generations Lost Hard Drivin'

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