Sega Game Gear: R.B.I. Baseball '94

Veröffentlicht Oktober 1994
Publisher Time Warner Interactive
Entwickler Al Baker & Associates
Codes UPC-A: 031763073611
Sega: T-48168
Genre Sport – Baseball
Medium Steckmodul
Spieler 1–2 (via Gear-to-Gear)
Wertung 7.2/10

For the first time ever, this baseball megahit from the Genesis is available for Game Gear!

Only Time Warner Interactive could bring this monster Genesis title to Game Gear. With original artwork and animation taken from the Genesis version, you'll experience awesome, realistic baseball action on the go! RBI '94 has over 800 real players from 28 real teams – complete with actual 1993 stats. Use the real 1994 baseball schedule for a full 162 game season, playoffs, and World Championships.

RBI '94. You won't believe how much real baseball we've put into your Game Gear!
Auch wenn die Verpackung angibt, dass das Sega Genesis-Spiel nun auch auf dem Game Gear erhältlich sei, unterscheidet sich das Spiel doch stark von der Konsolenversion.


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