PC – MS-DOS: Return to Ringworld

Veröffentlicht Großbritannien November 1994
Publisher Großbritannien Time Warner Interact.
USA Tsunami Media/TWi
Entwickler James E. Spellman II
J. Robert Perske
David Eaton
Mike Bowman
Dan Armijo
Code UPC-A: 099171230675
Genre Adventure
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus
Spieler 1
Wertung 6.3/10

You Are a Fugitive From Every Society in Known Space! Join a desperate crew of renegades in their fantastic journey back to Ringworld. Bountiful in mystery and rich in hostile beauty, Ringworld holds the secret to the greatest mystery in all of Known Space.

Become any one of the three fugitives
Choose to play Quinn, a mercenary human, whose unrivaled thirst for information may lead him to riches or to destruction. Become Miranda, a human engineer, who prides herself on her efficient practices and independent nature. Or select Seeker-of-Vengeance, a member of the cat-like Kzin species and captain of the ship.

Evade powerful alien enemies and battle an omnipresent Police Force
The Kzin race calls you enemy! The Puppeteers were to be annihilated – their entire race destroyed – but their plans for genocide were thwarted by you and your comrades. Now the Puppeteers are safe, but your troubles have just begun.

Explore the far reaches of Known Space
Journey through the catacombs of Ringworld's Flup Tube system. Descend the Spill Mountains in a hot-air balloon. Escape the Spaceport Ledge in a transport vehicle you've created. Ringworld is a vast land of beauty and excitement, but it is also the hiding place of a dramatic technology that may lay waste to all of Known Space!

Return to Ringworld – The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel i386
• 640 kB RAM
• MS-DOS 5.0
• VGA-Grafikkarte
• CD-ROM-Laufwerk, mind. 150 kB/s
• Soundkarte

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