Rise of the Robots – The Director's Cut

Veröffentlicht Europa November 1994
Publisher Europa Time Warner Interact.
Entwickler Gary Leach
Code EAN-13: 5026890000147
Genre Beat'em Up!
Medium CD-ROM
Controller Tastatur, Maus, Joystick
Spieler 1–2
Wertung k.A.

A revolution in combat games.
• Unique combat intelligence system that adapts to and learns your style of play.
• The first game with film quality, controllable 3-D graphics.
• Robot attack routines choreographed by a martial arts expert.
• Witness the first ever morphing character to appear in a computer game.
• Awesome cinematic link sequences.

Includes 2nd CD containing:
• The entire work in progress footage from the game.
• Previously unseen cutting room floor material.
• A host of interactive pre-production animations and rushes.
• 1000s of exclusive stills.
• The robots as you've never seen them before.

Plus… the Making of Rise of the Robots.
• Over 100 pages of fascinating behind the scenes material.
A revealing insight into the birth and evolution of the most talked about game in years.
Minimale Systemanforderungen
• Intel i386, 33 MHz
• 4 MB RAM
• MS-DOS 5.0
• CD-ROM-Laufwerk, mind. 150 kB/s
• VGA-Grafikkarte, mind. 512 kB
• Soundkarte

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