Guardians of the 'Hood

Veröffentlicht Juni 1992
Entwicklerfirma Atari Games Corp.
Vertriebsfirma Atari Games Corp.
Genre Beat'em Up!
Steuerung Joystick (8-Wege), 5 Buttons
Spieler 1–3 (gleichzeitig)
Audio Stereo
Video 25″ Rasterbildschirm, horizontal
Bauformen Upright
Arcadesystem JAMMA+
Abmessungen H×B×T 182 × 84 × 97 cm
Gewicht 148 kg
Produktion 225 Geräte
980 Kits
Wertung KLOV/IAM 4.58/5

Atari Games: Guardians of the 'Hood

Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Take back the town!
The Dreads, the Shavers and the Dragons — three of the meanest, toughest gangs ever — have taken over the neighvorhood! To take it back, you need the GUARDIANS OF THE 'HOOD:
CONNER: An all-round goot fighter. Trained in both boxing and Karate, he has amazing quickness for his size.
CHIEF: Tough as a truck and the size of three men. After losing his family in a battle between rival gangs, he pledged to bring back peace to the city.
TANYA: The statuesque cat – tall and beautiful. She holds black belts in Tai-chi, Taekwondo and Kung Fu.
JAVIER: A gold-medal winner in kickboxing endowed with speed and agility.

3-player simultaneous game play on an extra-wide control panel!
• Play up to 7 different characters — the four heroes plus three gang bosses (once you defeat their gangs and convert them to your side)!
• Game play includes both head-to-head and side-scrolling action!
• Features new 3-button Control plus Muscle and Defend buttons — 5 in all!
• New, power-perfect 3-D Digitized Graphics and 25″ display!
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