Atari Arcadespiele: Goal/4

Veröffentlicht 16. Juli 1975
Publisher Atari, Inc.
Entwickler Atari, Inc.
Genre Ball & Paddle
Steuerung Drehregler mit Button
Spieler 1–4 (gleichzeitig)
Prozessor Logikschaltung
Audio Mono
Video 19″ Rasterbildschirm, horizontal, schwarz/weiß, mit farbigen Overlays
Bauform Cocktail
Abmessungen H×B×T Cocktail: 77 × 84 × 84 cm
Wertung KLOV/IAM k.A./5

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Beschreibung / Werbetext (englisch)
Goal/4 is not just another cocktail table game – it is an advanced state-of-the-art video attraction with the best price in the industry and all the most wanted features. And because it's from Atari, Durastress tested solid state reliability is built in.
Two for fun. Beautiful sculptural design, rich woodgrained cabinet and abrasion resistant smoked-plex top make Goal/4 a handsome cocktail table as well as an exciting video game – ideal for the most sophisticated location environments.
Get ready for the whistle. One, two or four players can experience the thrills of split-second soccer-style action. Realistic sound effects add to player excitement.
The defensive and forward players for each team are controlled by four out-of-the-way, side-mounted knobs, two for each team. You're ready! You kick the ball towards your opponent's constantly moving goal… good shot, but the defense makes a great save. The ball comes back… this time you put some spin on it. It goes through! You score!
Unique circuit design lets players "catch" or "pass" the ball or apply "english". Scoring is displayed digitally and can be operator-adjusted to either 11 or 15.
Designed for the operator's operation. Large 19″ monitor, color overlays on the playfield and top-mounted game instructions mean better visibility, more player attraction.
Other exclusive features include locking cashbox for maximum security, twin coin chutes (25¢ for one player, 50¢ for two or more), all-steel frame constriction for long life, and conventional cash door for easy access in collections.
Goal/4's monitor is mounted on the hinged top and swings up easily for service, providing easy accessibility for all internal components.
Stellenweise wurde das Spiel auch unter dem Titel Goal IV vertrieben.
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