Mattel Intellivision

Veröffentlichung Dezember 1983
Vertrieb Atarisoft
Atari, Inc.
1265 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Programmierung Michael Winans
Grafik Eric Wels
Audio Russ Haft
Produktcode 70251
Genre Arcade
Medium Steckmodul
Spieler 1–2
Wertung ★★★★★

Hungry Pac-Man Vs. The Gobbling Goblins

The refinements of dot chomping lead to high scores as hungry Pac-Man avoids ambush by voracious goblins. When Pac-Man gulps an energy dot he can turn the tables and eat everything in sight… that includes yummy bonus nuggets, sending scores into the thousands. But goblins won't allow themselves to be gobbled for long; and soon become their old selves, fast and sneaky, to try to put an end to Pac-Man's three lives.

パックマン (Pakkuman) (Namco, 1980)

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